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  • . . .  documentation. Improved algorithm for 'wildcard' search function. Updated algorithm to extract ID3 tags. Bug fixed in option 'Use private sitemap instead of global sitemap.xml'. Some small bugs fixed . Prepared to work in PHP7.4 environment. Involved folders and files that have been modified / added for this release: /search.php  . . .
  • . . .  calculation of keyword weighting. Now working independent from lower case and/or upper case written text. Bug fixed that prevented renaming of the default search script. Bug fixed in multithreaded indexing. Bug fixed to prevent creation of duplicate sub folders in /admin/ Media search enabled for multiple database support. User debug mode  . . .
  • . . .  Updated scripts for ID3 extraction. Now parsing ID3v1(v1.0 & v1.1) as well as ID3v2(v2.2 & v2.3 & v2.4). Bug fixed in 'Multithreaded indexing' in conjunction with sitemap.xml files. Bug fixed in option: Allow other hosts with same domain name for all links found during indexing. Also ignore TLD, SLD and www Bug fixed in 'Ignoring parts of a  . . .
  • . . .  Version 1.0 [ Actual release ] Version: 3.2020b Release date: March 10, 2020 Build up with Sphider: v.1.3.5 Bug fixed in option 'Convert all kind of accents and diacritics into their basic vowels.' Bug fixed in option 'Index media.' Bug fixed in option 'Use word stemming.' Bug fixed in 'Tolerant search.' Some small bugs fixed . Involved folders  . . .
  • . . .  results from this domain' not only enabled for result sorting 'Like Google', but also for 'By URL names'. Bug fixed that prevented correct interpretation of http 301 redirects. Bug fixed that causes invalid results for multiple word queries, which contain numbers, like 'price 25 euro'. Bug fixed that prevented highlighting of keywords, if  . . .
  • . . .  added to bypass the PHP bug (error known since PHP v.5.3) gzopen() = gzopen64() and all other gz functions. p Bug fixed to store the admin and dispatcher e-mail account in admin backend. Bug fixed in directive. Bug fixed for search terms with a length < 3 characters. Some more small bugs fixed . Involved files that have been modified / added for  . . .
  • . . .  file to prevent queries from meta search engines. Updated 'black_uas' file to prevent queries from bad bots. Bug fixed in install database tables. Bug fixed in 'Delete categories'. Bug fixed in 'Convert all kind of Greek accents into their basic vowels '. Some more small bugs fixed . Involved files that have been modified / added for this  . . .
  • . . .  in admin backend. If selected in admin backend, the advanced part of the search form is suppressed now. Bug fixed in result presentation 'Like Google (Top 2 per URL)'. Bug fixed in search form for category selection. Bug fixed in option 'Do not index comment parts '. Some small bugs fixed . Involved files that have been modified / added for  . . .
  • . . .  PDF converter during index procedure. Updated bot and harvester list (black IPs) to prevent unwanted queries. Bug fixed: More than 3 redirections applied to one page URL forced the index procedure to abort. Bug fixed in highlighting Urdu language text. Bug fixed in authentication script for first call. Some small bugs fixed . Involved files that  . . .
  • . . .  in admin backend. Improved suggest framework. Now offering independent suggestions for text and media queries. Bug fixed, which prevented caching of queries that contain numbers. Bug fixed for media search, if multiple databases are involved. Bug fixed for media search, now offering media suggestions. Some small bugs fixed . Involved files that  . . .
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